Saving to a remote folder in Dolphin

How can items be saved directly to remote folders in Dolphin? Basically this question if not sure what is meant:

This is one of the few things that miss from Nautilus.

Depends, for dropbox you can simply install dropbox integration for nautilus. I use nextcloud, it is integrated with nautilus and synchronizes to remote folder.

I guess the question is which type of remote connection you want, there is also google drive etc…

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Would like to save to network (SMB) folders.

hi schnappi,

Here’s what I do. Something similar might work for you. I use Cloud Sync to link the remote folder to my nas. I then map the nas to a mount point in fstab. So essentially I can use cloud services through my NAS, without having to worry about client-side apps or sync issues. The sync happens from the nas to the cloud/remote folder, and it’s seamless. I’d recommend nfs over smb if you’re working with network folders.

For example set up a link on a NAS to a remote folder, and then add a line in fstab ;

x.x.x.x:/volume1/Data /home/yourusername/Nas nfs _netdev,auto,defaults,nofail,x-systemd.automount, 0 0

Mine has the folders already in dolphin but i don’t have any network shares set up.

Edit I’m running the beta version also.

Open a web browser and save a file though, network folders will not be present.

That probably isn’t dolphin. It is the file chooser. Depending on the application, it might even be the gtk file chooser. Can we see a screenshot?

Taken from original link from 1st post, but it is the same as if took own screenshot.

That is probably the kde file chooser. I am not sure if it is capable of accessing smb shares directly.

As a workaround, you could always use a systemd automount. Then it would show up under Devices.

Thank you for clearing this up. Disappointed that the “KDE file chooser” cannot see SMB shares.