Saving power with TLP and Powertop - Feedback

Started with EOS yesterday. Did not know that it was using TLP by default. I installed Powertop to try to save power. I like using my laptop as a laptop and love when I do not have to plug it too often :slight_smile:
Now both are running concurrently apparently without any issue and I have to admit the power saving is remarkable. Both are running as a service.
Any thoughts on that ?

As long as you don’t use powertop --auto-tune option you should be fine. powertop is rather a power consumption and power management diagnosis tool. I have both installed as well.

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I am using powertop as a service with the auto tune option.

:bug: As long as you don’t face issues, probably no need to debug. :smile_cat:


Curious… why run powertop as a service at all? When I ran powertop from the command line just for analysis, on my system it only listed vm writebacks as being “bad”… everything else was being reported as “good”. Is --auto-tune actually correcting other specific things on your system?

I don’t know any other way to correct what needs to be corrected in my system.
The main issue is auto tune corrects and keeps correcting as some settings keep going to original bad settings.

Have you tried changing the “bad” values in TLP configuration /etc/tlp.conf? I would think there would be a way to set system parameters to “good” values in TLP without having to have a powertop auto tune service run. Probably no biggie… just more of a curiosity… :slight_smile:

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Saw this video on youtube the other day… interesting he mentions a TLP configuration GUI… thought you might find it interesting: Linux Laptop Boot & Battery Optimizations - YouTube

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