Samba Server Setup

Hi All,

I am currently using Gnome version of Endeavouros and am trying to setup a samba server to transfer files between my computer and ipad.

I managed to set this up in KDE version through trial and error but alas I’ve hit a brick wall in Gnome and need help. in the smb.conf I’ve set the following:

comment = Sharing Directory
path = /mnt/Things
browseable = yes
writeable = yes
security = user
encrypt passwords = yes

The path is set to an ssd I have installed. I want to be able to access the entire ssd so I pull various data as needed. in the global settings I have the following added as well:

workgroup = MYGROUP
client min protocol = SMB2
client max protocol = SMB3

When I try to access the share via Dolphin, I get the following error:


No matter what I am doing, I just cannot understand how to get pass this. If anyone can help or guide, I will appreciate it. I want to learn how to fix this but understand fix properly

Did you allow the traffic through the firewall?

In Firewall I’ve selected the service related to Samba but beyond that, not done anything else. Is there something else that needs to be selected? Thank you for the response.

There is a previous topic

Setting up a fileservice on Linux is not a 1-2-3 exercise - it involves a deeper understanding of permissions and networking for one to setup such service successfully.

I recently wrote a setup-from-scratch-guide using a Raspberry Pi connected using WiFi - I can supply a link upon request.


I figured out my mistake. When I was adding the ip address, I made a rookie mistake. I ran the command ‘ip a’ and found the ip address, which can look like: - When you try to access this via Dolphin, you should omit the ‘/24’. So for example you would add:

smb:// and you can access the share you’ve made. My apologies to all that helped.

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No apologies necessary. Remember, the harder it is to troubleshoot a problem, the more likely you will remember it in the future.



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