Samba - Original smb.conf file in the EndeavourOS install script

I am trying to connect to my Freebox server via samba.
The server is well recognized, but when I want to connect to it, I can’t.
Maybe it comes from the file smb.conf in /etc/samba.
Before I try to go any further, can someone provide me the original smb.conf file in the EndeavourOS install script.

Thank you.


We don’t customize it. It should be the one that came with the package.

You can rename it and then resinstall the package to get the original file back.

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Yes, but I modified it to try to solve the problem.
Having failed, I want to put the original file back as it is in the install script.

Just install :enos: in a VM and get the file from there :smiling_face: .

Right. The instructions I provided above were how to restore the original.

Rename the conf file, reinstall the package.

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I uninstalled Samba.
The smb.conf file has been successfully deleted.
But when I reinstall it, no smb.conf file is recreated.

I did a little digging. It looks like smb.conf is not shipped with the package. However, I don’t think we ship one either so I am not sure where your original file came from. Are you sure you didn’t create it?

If it helps, this is the “default” file offered by the project:;a=blob_plain;f=examples/smb.conf.default;hb=HEAD

Do you mean FreedomBox? Is it possible you got the original smb.conf from there?

smb.conf does not come by default on any EnOS installation.

Here is a smb.conf file that I use for headless EnOS LAN servers. Works for my purposes on both x86_64 and aarch64 ARM.

In a terminal window, in a Temp folder


Then copy it to the /etc/samba/ folder on the Linux device you want to act as a Samba Server.

The last eight lines of the smb.conf file define your Samba share



Thank you very much.
It is perfect to samba.

You are welcome. Glad I could help.


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