Samba Client crashes and no remount is possible (unless reboot)

Hi All, I have the latest Endeavor OS and a Little Raspi-Samba Server. It works good so far, but once in a while (at least every day), the intern EndOS Samba client crashes and after this it’s not possible to remount.
The EOS-Samba client is not configured yet, everything works over the cifs Mount

All this don’t work to get back to life:
umount client EOS share and remount again
restart raspi Samba server
Restart Raspi PI4 complete

Only a EOS restart works
What really get me tears in the eyes, all windows Clients never get this trouble - they stay unbreakable…


Check your journalctl -xe logs for ethernet driver errors? RTL cards are terrible.

Thanks a Lot, onyxnz

Now a got an Journalctl record about:

ep 17 13:30:38 Alberich kernel: CIFS: Attempting to mount \\4erturm
Sep 17 13:30:48 Alberich kernel: CIFS: VFS: Error connecting to socket. Aborting operation.
Sep 17 13:30:48 Alberich kernel: CIFS: VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -115

Unfortunately, there is no network error


I know this doesnt help with Samba itself but I use SSHFS on my storage server because it uses less CPU than Samba and has been more reliable. You having Windows clients im not sure if that would work though so Samba might be needed.

Is the connection idle when it crashes? or does it crash under load?

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Hi Echoa,
this time it was idle but it crashes sometime under load too.

I can’t reproduce this error, it occurs out of the sudden


ooof, thats rough

If it was consistently under load i might blame the NIC but idk. Thats a tough issue to solve. Maybe try booting another distro from USB and see if you can replicate the behavior to narrow down if its related to your install.

I like the Idea of sshfs. Its new for me. Thank you for this inspiration :grin: :sunglasses:

Here is a link to the EndeavourOS Arm wiki which contains Tutorials on how to set up an ARM device as a Samba server, SSH server, and a minidlna media streamer.


The above tutorials assume
an Arch Linux Arm image was installed as per here
and a headless server was installed as per here. The script will ask if you want to partition, format, and configure a USB SSD for the DATA storage. This is highly recommended. Also, the headless server install does a lot of the configuration in the server itself.

Here is a manual for the headless server install that goes into more detail about the server install and configuration.

Click on download and the PDF will be displayed in a Browser PDF viewer where it can be printed or saved.

What version of Raspberry Pi are you using? I assume a RPi 4b. If so, is it a RPi 4b with 4GB RAM or with 8GB RAM?


Big Thank you Pudge,
These are lots of informations i have to sort/learn/work

BTW: on you howto side I found first the minidlna Howto, and start instantly to set up a server.
Again thanks a lot, I have so much to do :grin:

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You are welcome. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Yes, but have fun along the way and knowledge gained will last far into the future.