Safest way to power off a frozen system, unable to access TTY, REISUB disabled

Hello friends.

As you can probably tell from the title, I’ve run into a bit of an issue that left my system completely frozen.

TTY doesn’t seems to be accessible and REISUB is disabled, since I’ve only found out about it a few minutes ago.

Before going with the ol’ reliable (and probably unsafe) hold down the power button, I thought I’d ask here if there’s a safer method.

Any help is much appreciated!

The safer method is REISUB. If it’s not setup, the other options aren’t safe.



I did end up configuring REISUB after forcing the system to shutdown. Big issue though, got the freeze again and REISUB didn’t work. It works while the system is running normally. Can’t even turn caps lock on and off during the freeze.

Might open a thread about this, since it’s most likely an evolution of an issue I’ve been trying to fix for a while now (random reboots).

If REISUB was setup properly and works, and you’re still getting freezes which render REISUB unusable, you likely have a piece of hardware failing.

The next time it freezes and fails you can also provite the output of your journal to get a look at what’s happening. But, imo, it’s likely hardware dieing unfortunately.

This is what I thought as well, but there are a few things that make me think that it could possibly be something else.

Firstly, while I don’t consider windows to be a benchmark for system stability, I actually haven’t had issues with it crashing. I don’t have experience with hardware failure, but wouldn’t the issues be noticeable on all installed operating systems?

Secondly, there’s one constant across all reboots/freezes and that’s brave browser. I’m pretty certain that every time I’ve encountered one of these I was either clicking on something or trying to highlight some text in brave.

There’s still a while to go until the release of ryzen 7000, so hardware failing right now is kinda unfortunate :sob:

If the hardware is the same, you would expect the same outcomes.

But again, if sysrq isn’t working, that’s exceedingly rare without hardware failure.

Also, I wouldn’t use brave anyways, but that’s good enough reason to quit, and see if that gives you a better experience.

Not necessarily. This usually includes video drivers which are not the same in each OS.

Seeing as my original question was answered, I’ve marked @fbodymechanic’s reply as the solution. Should’ve done this earlier, my bad.

As a final update, I’ve decided to switch from Brave to FIrefox. If the issue persists I’ll probably open another thread to at least identify the failing piece of hardware.

Thank you to everyone that stopped by :hugs:

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