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I recently installed EndeavourOs on my laptop with a Windows 11 dual boot. The EnOs installer had some issues with auto partitioning due to the presence of Win11, so I manually partitioned the disk. However, I forgot to label the ext4 EnOs disk.

To clarify, with an “auto” installation on an empty disk (which I did on my tower PC), the boot disk is typically labeled as “endeavouros”. On my laptop, the boot disk is named “Internal Fixed Disk of 862.6 GiB” (or something similar, as I’m translating from Italian).

In Windows, I could simply rename the disk by right-clicking it in the file manager. However, this option is not available in Dolphin. I’ve found that Gnome disks would allow me to change the disk label by right-clicking on the partition and selecting “Edit Filesystem”. But my question is, can I safely change the label in this way? Or do I risk destroying some symbolic links and being unable to run EnOs again?

I apologize for this very basic question, but I don’t have an in-depth understanding of the ext4 filesystem. I’ve tried searching online for guides and forums, but I haven’t found anything helpful yet. I know that reading the ext4 documentation would probably answer my question, but I’m somewhat apprehensive about doing so.

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Labeling disks/partitions is not usually taken care of by a file-manager in Linux.

You can “safely” label your disk/partition anyway you want with gparted, or the cli-way. - I’m positive, there are other ways…

…and with gnome-disks, as well. - Have no fear!




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This is solved so I will only add this
labels are not part of the partition as in a file system a label is a basic description. That means its text and not instruction. Changing the Labels of file systems does not change or mess with the file system itself in anyway


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