Running a program that needs root privilages doesn't give me a prompt to put in my password

A good example is timeshift and nvidia settings, running them from the search won’t let me open them up and will just not do anything.

On another note, when going into steam and trying to open a directory in properties it doesn’t do anything, which might be because I use dolphin instead of thunar, how would I change that? I was able to change it to konsole

using qtile or plasma ?

Qtile (plasma is installed)

Perhaps you don’t have a polkit agent available?


That must be it, just looked up polkit and got an issue, never would’ve figured that out. There’s a big list on the Arch wiki, which one would work the best for qtile?

Yep that was it, the was looking for a gnome polkit which wasn’t installed, that fixed it thanks!

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Please mark @dalto’s post as the solution.

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Already did :slight_smile:

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