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Hello everyone, i’d like to know if i can set Ctrl+Alt+T as default shortcut for the terminal, i am on EndevourOS Gnome and, coming from Manjaro, i tried to : Settings → Shortcut → Add → and here try to add it, but i think i am missing the terminal command

Thanks in advice

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if i remember correct

"gnome-terminal " or if new console ? i think that be “kgx”

:pray: no near Gnome system atm .

i used to try gnome-terminal but it didn’t work now i have to try the rest

Tried and kgx works, thanks a lot

then you use gnome-console 43.0-1… if " kgx "

“gnome-terminal” work if use gnome-terminal 3.46.8-1

you welcome :enos_flag:

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