Run php and dockerfile

Hello fellows,

I want to generate RSS feeds for my podcast player from the german Audiothek of the german public television station ARD. There is a script on GitHub that can do this.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to use PHP or Dockerfiles. Can someone explain that to me?

Not exactly sure how this script works but do you at least have docker and the php-curl dependency installed?

From there you should be able to install the docker file (or docker compose file, up to you). I don’t think any PHP knowledge is going to be required.

I have installed docker and php.

I haven’t done that either. I have no idea how that works and the github page doesnt explain either.

You need to install docker and docker-compose ( When everything is setup, in your terminal:

Move where you want to download the repo

git clone

cd ARD-Audiothek-RSS

to create the container:

docker-compose up

After that you can go to your navigator and follow the little guide the readme give you.

Feed url should look something like that:

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