Run games previously installed on windows

I have handful number of games that I installed on windows. Is there a way I can run them on endeavour OS instead of installing them all over again for the system?
If there is a general guide that can run for all games, where can I find it?
If its game specific guides, is there a website/forum that shows guides per game?


Have you asked this question in a search engine?

Also, have you heard of WINE?

Lastly, you should check protondb for game compatibility:

There are ways to mount the Windows directory’s containing the steam library in a way that should make then run fine on Linux.

Yet I don’t like to provide the sources how to do this as it is still a not very stable setup and if someone is not capable of finding those sources by himself, he for sure is not capable of dealing with issues that will come up.

I highly recommend to create a separate steam library on a non nfts filesystem (something with full support on Linux like ext4) and reinstall those games.

There are tools, but depending on the game and source there might be different approaches.
Just for steam it’s rather simple, just install steam (steam-runtime recommended) and set up comparability in steam settings. Proton-experimental works fine for my games, but some titles might run better with older versions.

For other platforms lutris is a rather simple way to set things up, but there are still exotic platforms providing games out there that will need different approaches.

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Yes I did and yes I know wine. and many games that I play does not run well with wine or even crashes. So I thought there might be arguments/ configurations I can do to make them work

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Well most of the games I play are not steam games. I know that many games can run on linux normally but what I am trying to achieve is not re-installing everything from scratch and be able to use the windows installation directories on linux

As someone who ignorantly spent hundreds on League of Legends, I’ll say if you plan on using Linux regularly, especially making it your daily driver, don’t spend any more cash on things that don’t work on Linux. That is, if you have spent cash on any games.

For the things that may not work on Linux, or don’t work on Linux at all, finish them up, and forget they exist. I did this for League and Watch Dogs Legion. Almost had to do the same for the Hitman trilogy and Cyberpunk 2077, but turns out they work perfectly on Linux. :wink: :partying_face:

Games that don’t usually work are those from EA and online multiplayer games in general, particularly those that have anti-cheat.

PS: Just checked — Watch Dogs Legion runs great too! I zeroed it, though, so I’m good. :person_shrugging:

You can copy the files, but I have tried to run games from my ntfs partition a few years ago, some games had no issues, but some just crashed because of the filesystem. Run everything you can from Linux from a linux filesystem and the ones that don’t work on Linux you just keep them on the ntfs and run it on Linux.

If you have 3 partitons or 3 drives, you could format an empty partition/drive to BTRFS then use the WinBTRFS driver to place items (or in this case games) into it from your windows drive. It has worked for steam games for me. I may write a tutorial on it for replication purposes.