Rumour: Microsoft wants to buy Valve

I’ve read a rumour like this a few years ago too, but it never happened. Also this article say 16B, but Valve makes a lot of money, so it’s kinda low. But if this ever happens I’ll be sad, I think Linux gaming wouldn’t be where it is without Valve.

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I would recommend watching this from LinuxCon from 2013:

I doubt that Valve would take any offer from Microsoft, but of course not anyone here would know that.


With the authority of citing a rando 16k twitter account I don’t see why this wouldn’t be newsworthy.

But even if so. Every antitrust agency in the world: No. The End.

Gaben left Microsoft to form Valve and has expressed over the years distain over the company. He also very likely makes 16B in a year with Steam. Valve has a lot of money. I don’t see it happening.