Ruinous effects of using i3

I3 has ruined me.
I’m now a certified i3/EOS addict and and can never go back to other DE/Distro…

These are what I have tried over the last 3 months

Gnome-my fav before i3, tiling is nice, cool icons and work spaces
Cinnamon-very nice young lady
Mate-works hard like a lean army mule
Plasma-windowesq (very very well done but I’m using Linux to forget my past)
XFCE-a tough old soldier
LXQT-it’s the simple things in life so I kinda like it :wink:

i3 is so much better then anything I have ever used. I have a few VM’s running and can’t stand it. I have to go back to i3 on EOS as soon as possible. (where’s my crack pipe mom??)

Okay I haven’t tried BSPWM so it may be like a methadone treatment down the road.

I just needed to laugh a little
Cheers my friends


I’ve had a similar journey. Always returned to KDE/Plasma and like you I liked LXQT a lot. Finally settled on Openbox. My tired old eyes need big windows, so I have a bunch of stacked “Big Ole” windows strewn over 2 or 3 desktops. If I had a larger monitor I might be tempted by I3. Tiling window managers intrigue me, but for now I’ll stick with Openbox.

Openbox is one I haven’t tried. I’ll give it a go.

take a look at sway (unless you have an Nvidia card on proprietary drivers - sway does not support proprietary drivers) - it is i3 on wayland - you can even use the same config.

Gave it a go on sunday and will definitely continue configuring it further once I have time - for now I still use Plasma as daily driver because I haven’t configured all features in sway yet.


Sometimes a TWM like i3 just works. Makes you wonder what you could be if you found out sooner/years ago.

There are many other TWMs you could explore with. I’m sure I’ll forget a few…

dwm (or dwm-flexipatch ← better to experiment with)

I liked i3 and could use it. I really liked spectrwm. I absolutely love dwm (via dwm-flexipatch)

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I second that. Been using Sway as daily for soon to be two years. Many years i3 before that.

Well I guess I have more work ahead exploring other addictive substances! Openbox, Sway dwm-flexipatch etc.

The journey is more important then the destination.


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Try dwm, but without flexipatch. Just learn to program in C and modify dwm to your preferences. The code is super clean and clear, it’s not as difficult as it seems.

I will give it a go. I haven’t programed in many years.