Rufus 4.2 running on Wine works fine

Good timezone everyone!

I came across someone’s post regarding problems with detection of EOS live USB, and with the help of the community, it was solved. It got me curious to see if Rufus, on top of Wine, would work well to create a live USB of linux distros.

I’m happy to report that for me and the machines within my reach, it works just fine and was detected on every machine on boot menu.
Rufus detected my SD card inserted in my thinkpad x270

Machines used to detect:

  1. Thinkpad x270 running EOS
  2. Aunt’s Lenovo Z750 running Zorin OS
  3. sister’s HP Pavilion g6 running Linux Mint
  4. other sister’s HP Pavilion dv14 running Linux Mint
  5. Motherboard of unknown Samsung netbook running Lubuntu (intel Atom, 2gb ddr3)

I hope this helps if you’re having trouble!

Edit: I didn’t try to install, I should do that though

Edit2: I forgot to mention that you have to mount the external storage with winecfg first


Just simply no to running Ruffus when the is Ventoy, Mintstick, Etcher.

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Agree! However someone had a problem, and I was just thinking maybe this could be a fallback

Just posted the results of my experiment in hopes it could be useful to someone who might have trouble using the better programs

Nice that you have it working, since sometimes burning the ISO is the first big problem in the install process.

I’ve been using dd as long as I can remember and it has never failed me (and it is always available since I’m not using Windows; BTW, there is dd for Windows too…).
But of course user must make sure not to accidentally use the wrong target drive, but that obviously applies to all burning software. Also, the drive may not have mounted partitions before burning.

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There are many tools you can use… the real issue are tools that modify the boot implementation the ISO is already providing, as this will compromise the proper working of the ISO boot proceass in 95% of cases. And on the left 5% it will cause issues on the install process.
The ISO (based on archiso) is made to get copied as it is without any changes to any media DVD or usb pendrive and even SD-Cards.


I wouldn’t use Wine for anything. ‘dd’ and/or ‘Ventoy’

I even have this ‘dd’ in my aliases:
alias hyb='echo "sudo dd if= of=/dev/sdc bs=8M"&&lsblk'

Agree! Yes, what I posted is in no way to be taken as me suggesting that this is the best solution. This is merely an experiment I wanted to share just in case one is left with no other choice. It’s more of an academic exercise than anything.

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