RTL8852BE wifi not working

unfortunately my wifi RTL8852BE Wireless Network Adapter is not working
I’ve read another post about the RTL8852AE but I have no internet connection, no Ethernet or USB wifi stick
have you a suggestion?
thanks :slight_smile:

Phone’s USB tethering?

AUR has this: rtl8852be-dkms-git. To install it, run

yay -S rtl8852be-dkms-git

Try to get/order a cheap USB stick like TP-Link TL-WN725N
or make some manual copies from here

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yes, I was considering this solution :slight_smile: to buy a cheap USB stick
do you have some experience with this one?

with 721 only. Smooth case. Amazon writes Operating System Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Linux, and some other minor operating systems like Ẉ* I do not dare to write here

care ful . Amazon no alway get info correct, it say " linux " but half time you need aur/git ( no work out of box ) that why i keep real old belkin ( only 2.4ghz) . out of box so far it found , or buy usb3/usb-c adapter for wire connection ( these thing all Linux usr should have in bag/draw ) IMO

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The RTL8852BE requires that you install the package as noted by @manuel above.

yay -S rtl8852be-dkms-git
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