Rstudio not showing plots on 'plots' pane. Also: "Error in : cannot shut down device 1 (the null device)"

Hello I recently installed rstudio-dekstop form AUR:

The issue is that I tried to resolve my problem turning off active devices as mentioned here:

First when I run dev.cur() I got this:

null device 1

instead of getting : “RStudioGD 2”

so I tried with but it cannot shut down the null device

then I tried running: options(device = “RStudioGD”) as suggested here: ( But I got this:

C symbol name "rs_createGD" is not in the load table

what can I do?

Thanks for your time.

are you able to run simple stuff like demo(graphics) and generate plots? I am no rstudio expert, but using the rstudio-desktop-bin package I can run the demos for plotmath and graphics without issue.