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Hello !
I would like to know what do you use as RSS Reader on your EndeavourOS/Arch system…
For me, it’s Liferea.

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I use Feedbro within Firefox.


+1 for Feedbro

I use Newsboat.


For many years I used RSSOwl, which offered by far the greatest functionality and ease of use of any RSS reader I have ever used. Unfortunately, the RSSOwl project was abandoned 7 years, when lots of security vulnerabilities were discovered but never patched.

Since then I have used both Liferea (desktop app) and Feedbro (Firefox add-on). Between the two, Feedbro offers much greater functionality, but it comes nowhere close to the functionality offered by RSSOwl. Liferea has a simple, clean interface, but it lacks more than basic functionality. Also, I have found that both Feedbro and Liferea have quite a few usability quirks.

Among the very useful advanced features of RSSOwl was the ability to create virtual feeds by filtering the content of all of your subscribed feeds.

Fortunately, RSSOwl has been forked and its vulnerabilities patched! The new project is called RSSOwlnix.

I have been using this beta version, and it works great:

I just now noticed that a bin package was made available for the first time in the AUR just a few days ago:

If you install this bin package, be sure to read the comments on the AUR page above. It’s noted there that you will need to give executable permissions to the program before it will load. I imagine that this bug will be fixed with an upcoming package update.

Edit: The bug noted in the previous paragraph appears to have been fixed with a package update today.

Warning: Do not download RSSOwl from the site below. It’s the old, vulnerable version of RSSOwl. Instead, install one of the versions above from the AUR.

The old RSSOwl site is still online and shows screenshots that are nearly identical to the new RSSOwlnix program:

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