RPi4 CPU Cacule Scheduler | Testers needed

Hey Guys,

ive implemented successfully into rpi4 kernel (armv7 and aarch64) the cacule - scheduler, which is replacement for the standard cfs scheduler.

In the amd64 its a great scheduler, which runs better then ive ever all the other kernel scheduler.
Ive created a aur package, which supports armv7h and aarch64.

Ive compiled and tested aarch64 and armv7h on my rpi4 and so far it booted and the scheduler loaded successfully.
Since ive never used a RPi4 as a desktop replacement (only headless, i cant say how much better its then the normal kernel/scheduler.

Some things when building the kernel and installing it, it will “wipe” your cmdline.txt and config.txt, but they are backuped.
If youre booting from USB you need to replace in the /boot/cmdline.txt to your device back. But thats all.

Would be great if we get some feedback.

Here are the aur packages:

More informations about the scheduler:

My Github:



At the moment, I am heavily involved in testing the EndeavourOS install script.
I will probably have some free time at the end of next week. If that works for you I’ll get in touch then and see what you need done and what feedback you want.

Of course there may be RPi 4 owners here who might volunteer.

I know little about the kernel scheduler but it sounds good. Perhaps one of our devs knows more about kernel schedulers and see what they think.

Thanks for thinking of us.


Mostly there was never another scheduler in a arm device, so far as i know. The scheduler is running like butter on my desktop rig. Ive created another post about it here also.

Mostly he/we want a feedback if the Pi with a Desktop installed smoother, more responsive and so on.
The problem is, ive never used a pi as a desktop - only headless.

I can built the kernels for you if you want for armv7h and aarch64, this is no problem, so you got your time.

I think that this could be a huge win in the arm desktop usage.


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Just uploaded the lts and the stable kernel for armv7.
The PKGBUILD is from the offical kernel, just the patches are in.


Updated to the new kernel version and fixed some config things.
Also compiled it and its running! :slight_smile:

alarm@alarmpi ~> sudo dmesg | grep -i “cacule”
[ 0.000000] CacULE CPU scheduler v5.10 by Hamad Al Marri.
alarm@alarmpi ~> uname -a
Linux alarmpi 5.10.31-2-ARCH #1 SMP Mon Apr 19 17:09:11 UTC 2021 armv7l GNU/Linux

You will find the precompiled kernel here:


Since i cant edit my last post, i changed the aur package name: