RPi: new bootloader

Still in Beta but with a very cool feature.
Just power up your Pi, plugin the Ethernet cable and install the operating system you want on the medium of your choice. Well, those operating systems available on rpi-imager. No need for the extra step to install the os on another computer first.

Boot and Install Raspberry Pi Over Internet - No SD Card Needed! - YouTube

I wonder if it would be possible/feasible, through a collaboration with RPi foundation, to make available an EnOS-arm image as well in the rpi-imager. I think this would greatly boost the use of EnOS-arm on the Pi.


Here is a perhaps somewhat more descreptive video:

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so effectively, a network boot via the internet? :wink:

Don’t know what term describes it better. A network installer? Since it actually doesn’t boot something. :thinking:

The new Network Install feature can be used to start the Raspberry Pi Imager application directly on a Raspberry Pi 4, or a Raspberry Pi 400, by downloading it from the internet using an Ethernet cable. The Raspberry Pi Imager application, which will run in memory on your Raspberry Pi, can then be used to flash the operating system onto a blank SD Card or USB disk, just like normal.