RPi needs to step up its game πŸ˜‰

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Khadas Edge2


250/300$ it’s not really the same territory as the pi :yum:

Seem really niche. No gpio (or i don’t see them ?). If people buy it for a mini pc, why not just buy a proper one Like this one. Or did i miss something? Do you think it will sell because ARM?

Different segments

The pi is a lowcost tinker board - very affordable and easy accessible - highly customizable with GPIO et.al.

Boards like the one mentioned is for other use cases where the awe factor matters - e.g. a custom system for entertainment in vehicles or planes - you likely get my idea.

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Yeah, unless there is none in stock for several months. :sweat_smile:
I wanted to buy RPi Zero 2 in July - expected delivery in November.

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Yes - there is a high demand at the moment - combined with a shortage for components in the supply chain - it creates a vaccum and price reflects it.

I ran into that same issue 5-6 month back - I use the boards for micro services - I couldn’t get the standalone board - but I could get starter kits.

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I want to test the new odroid M1 (not :green_apple: )
Nvme slot 8GB of RAM and… 100$€


I thought that it was just impressive how much power/spec they could integrate on that formfactor. Of course the price may make many to shy away but the most enthusiast ARM β€œfans”.


I would buy it if it was RISC-V with proper software support.

Proper software support will come with the RISC-V Hurd kernel. :older_adult:


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As in GNU/Hurd?