RPCS3 not seeing the GPU

First time using RPCS3 on Linux altogether.
PCSX2 works fine… As do any Steam games.

I am using DXVK Radeon (This was the option when installing Steam, no clue if it affects anything else)

Image of it… the option is greyed out.

Have you installed the RADV drivers?

sudo pacman -S vulkan-radeon

If you have, you might have to check the amdvlk driver as well just in case.

Also in the screenshot, you have openGL set as the renderer, are you able to change that to Vulkan?

I am re-installing RPCS3 using the CLI rather than the app image from their website.

From RPCS3.

The one under Linux further down.

It’s possible they don;t have the same file in the download link as the one you create from the AUR.

I will try the driver after this.

Make sure you install all of the files with this command provided on their github.

sudo pacman -S glew openal cmake vulkan-validation-layers qt6-base qt6-declarative qt6-multimedia sdl2 sndio jack2 base-devel
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Thank you for your help, it turned out compiling it myself which took a long time…
Successfully installed this time and the GPU is seen meaning I can run games.

If we compare RPCS3 builds, the one that is the appimage download link is far far outdated.

The version is in the top. Version 0.0.31-1620S Alpha / MASTER

The one in my OP is Version 0.023-14068 Alpha / HEAD

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