Root PCmanFM In Tint2

I want to add a root pcmanfm button to tint2 and have done so with icon showing in the panel but when I click on it nothing happens except a swirly figure and nothing more. What have I done wrong and what do I need to do to correct it? Here is a screen shot of the button setup in tint2. Thanks!

sudo requires a password entry in a terminal, also the program name is in lowercase.

try pkexec pcmanfm

I just tried that and all it will do is present the window to enter my password. After I enter the password, it still will not open up pcmanfm. Any other ideas?

At work, will need to get home to my linux machine.


Works here.

Okay, now it works with me copying your above code and saving it in the “left click command” box and applying. It would not work with just the “pkexec pcmanfm” command. It is all good now. Many thanks! :grinning:

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