Roll back kernel update

Just ‘upgraded’ to 6.7.0-arch3-1 — need to get back to 6.6.10.arch1-1 because upgrade has resulted in only one of three monitors being recognised. Instructions?

You’re better off going back to the 6.6 lts kernel and trying that first.

Otherwise you can also try to downgrade linux linux-headers as well.

Why you should really use lts and are far better off not downgrading specific packages:


Definitely will bookmark that page for downgrading packages

without knowing any of your hardware, the issue might be related to Nvidia drivers not working with the new kernel or some missing packages like the header files.

The LTS kernel has several compile-time configs that are aimed at Server usage, it can be used on Desktop’s but it is not perfect out of the box.

Interesting observation; was also thinking it could be Nvidia problem
Have GeForce GTX 1050 Ti card, but no Nvidia drivers were installed with installation and I never added them because there did not seem to be a need (KISS) as things were working fine. But I went ahead and installed nvidia, nvidia-utils, nvidia-settings — and rebooted to only one monitor functioning again.
Uninstalled those three and continue with downgraded linux, linux-headers (6.6.10-arch1-1) as I consider my next move.

Don’t see it on my system

Oops, that is the “downfall” of having a system that is rolling for a couple of years, we did get rid of it somewhere down the line.

It’s also easy to use the downgrade command. You need to install the downgrade package if you don’t have it. Makes it simple to downgrade packages.

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