Rofi -show window SORT?

Hello!! I have the following rofi command that I use often to display all open windows (on i3):

rofi -show window -config ~/.config/rofi/rofiwindows.rasi

I have searched high and low, read the man pages, etc., and I cannot figure out how to SORT the windows so that Rofi displays them in some sort of order. I would be happy to sort by desktop #, by app name, anything. That command spits out a very disordered list of windows!

Does anyone know how to make rofi sort windows?
(I’m pretty certain it can’t be piped to sort as the stdout of rofi is the one item selected.)

Disable history and levensthein sorting.

No joy. I tried a variety of combos just now, including just plain -no-sort per the man page. Nothing. I’m assuming this no-sort thing worked with -show drun as in the link you gave. But doesn’t work for -show window, sadly. Thanks!!

I suppose you exaggerate a little… :slightly_smiling_face:
It is in last focused order, as every WM does, by default.
Some WMs might have sorting options, so they are better than others :wink:

AFAIK there are no more options for ordering Windows mode.
Nevertheless, there is a visible helper, since it shows the desktop Nr for each window (by default), left from the window class and title ( -window-format format ). :person_shrugging:



True, I do, but the disorder increase in direct proportion to the chaotic number of windows I have opened. So I am, sadly, the proximate cause of the disorder! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

That said, would you be so kind as to explain how you have managed to get the window-thumbnail to show-up as large as the icon? When I saw your screenshot, there was a loud “what the f**k?” heard in my apartment! I have managed to do the following after searching through the rofi man page as well as the rofi-theme man page:

configuration {
window-thumbnail:  true;

and added:

element {
  orientation: vertical;
  children: [ element-icon, element-text ];
  spacing: 10px;

element-icon {
  size: 3em;

I can get most of the look you have in your screenshot, but I cannot get the thumbnails to increase in size. How do I make them as large as the icons? That would be quite awesome.

Thanks in advance!!