Ro-Ro Declassifed

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Hey Purple Friends!

All the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

First, a special thank-you to @PhoenixAwakened who personally reached out to me via IM to check on me. I appreciate your heart and concern very much.

Also thank you to @pycrk who “@” me in a message asking where I was.

Alright, so here is the debriefing…

After the EOS grub menu borked on me, I re-installed it and started from the beginning. Everything was going fine…work was fine…marriage was fine…the church I attended was fine…

Enter August…where I experienced the day of change that happened to me…I went to work. I work as a Transition of Care Specialist for a mental health/substance abuse insurance company. I have been doing this for 2 years.

One day I talked to a client (member) who asked me how I could help her because no one could. I was taken aback because I have a decent track record of helping others. So I took the challenge to try to help her. Sadly, she was right. I couldn’t help her. She needed resources and the resources did not assist her. She was getting more frustrated and stated I was not helping at all.

After that experience, I thought…there must be a way to help people like this. So I prayed about it. I started to pull in the direction of learning to become a Certified Health Coach with Trinity College of Natural Health.

Natural health and naturopathic methodology is my passion yet there was a problem. The class would start in less than 4 days. I prayed and I felt compelled to create a GiveSendGo campaign and presented my vision to help others where I live to a Thursday liberty group that I normally attended.

After the presentation, I didn’t think no one would give. Boy, I was wrong! They generously and sacrificially gave me money to start my dream…The course was $800. I made a good portion yet I was short.

On Friday, I knew of a health online radio show that I am a decent acquaintance with the host. The host and producer had me come on the show and share my burden and vision of wanting to help others in a natural way. The donations came flooding in and met the goal!

I enrolled in the course over the weekend of August and the course would be 8 weeks to learn how to become a health coach. Thus, I had to disappear in order to have black hole focus and as of yesterday, I completed my final exam with the course!

Lord willing, I will have my certificate soon and then I will get board certified!

I learned a lot about how to study, how to make mistakes, and how to use citations to establish credibility.

There you have it…No, I wasn’t kidnapped by aliens…No, I wasn’t on a world tour with Rick Ashley…I was studying to be the best Health Coach that I can be.

So there you have it…

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Wow! Quite the undertaking. Good for you!


That is awesome. I love hearing about positive things people do. Good job!

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Thank you kindly! Soon y’all can call me “Coach Ro-Ro.” :sweat_smile:

Thank you kindly!

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I feel ashamed now :man_facepalming:

Actually, I had the notifications off. :slight_smile: