Right to repair explained for Dummies

Share this to all. We need consumer freedom in electronics fast.


To me it is simple. If you bought it you can repair it.

If you rent or lease it the owner (them) must fix it.

Obfuscating schematics and diagrams, trouble shooting docs etc. is not exceptable.

If you don’t have the right to fix it don’t buy it.


Apple and other big company’s begins also want to protect there stuf. having agency’s under them making a repair also a business, simple fix ten fold in cost…in idealic world you put on the legislation they should not accept it but money always win :slight_smile: but you may fix your brakes of your car.; on electronic they are scared they explodes :slight_smile:





If they want to LOAN me something they can tell me how to use it.

If i have paid in full, it’s mine and they kick rocks and I have the right to do whatever I want with it.


You have the right to repair it …they just won’t sell you the parts! :laughing:


If there’s a demand, someone will make or sell the parts. I guarantee it.

If nothing else, there will be companies out there who let you repair their products. - I always vote with my dollars, and will support them.

Admittedly, it would be very hard to leave Thinkpads, so I’m really hoping they don’t go that way.

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i find right to repair natural… even i think with monopolize rulez is surely possible to fight it here in europe. But problem is, there is stil to many technoobs.

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I agree that it would be very hard to leave Thinkpads but the newer ones don’t seem to be as user serviceable/repairable as the older ones especially with soldered memory.


some repairs i do myself and lot machines is just fixable by replaceparts… only some parts is hard to get… i call the repair store : 50euro fix for my washmachine i buy a part of 5 a 8 euro and fixable only send cost indeed but stil its fixed waybelow the fix rate… it can help… basicly understanding and knowing when not to do and do by profesional :slight_smile: if you do 30years back now is waymore modular and small its hard to fix yourself


In the case in Apple and John Deerie products, they specifically prevent third parties from obtaining individual parts by forcing the manufacturers(IE Foxcon) to only sell each part only to the IEM.

I’ve moved on to HP and Dell. Dell specifically seems to be OK with Linux(XPS/Precision) and prvide pretty decent repair options.

That’s really to foxcon then. Unless it’s a patented part - which can’t be reproduced - but if it’s not patented, and there’s a demand, it will be made.

Thats the problem… even if possible air they patent. Its not patent issue they pattent everything lol

I believe the specific part I know about is actually Texas Instruments infact. But I get what you are saying.