Right-click menu on taskbar takes forever to appear (only firefox?) KDE/Plasma


I use KDE/plasma on this fresh install and if I right-click on a program on the task bar, the right-click menu appears in a blink of an eye… except for Firefox… it does, BUT it then takes more than 5 seconds to show up! Each time all the time.

Do you have any idea how I could investigate that? (Does anyone has the same behavior?)

edit: btw, it’s the same on wayland and on X11 session, and as well if firefox is already open or just if it is the shortcut on the unopened app on the task bar which is right-clicked.

(not sure if I should have post under Plasma, probably since on my other (old) xfce installs it’s working fine… sorry :grimacing:)

Hey @linuxislife
I would install brave-bin. It will ask to import things from firefox.
Check whether Brave behaves similarly. Remove firefox and reinstall
if you prefer it.
In terminal window
journalctl -f
might help you to investigate what happens. I can’t confirm this slow

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Sorry I haven’t noticed this behavior. Appears to be working fine for me as well. Does it happen if you make a new user?


I’ve had some weird lags with Plasma animations since roughly kernel version 6.9, though not that one in particular, which went away when I switched to the LTS kernel. That might be worth a try.

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If I create a new user (for the computer), then right-clicking has the expected behavior…

This would mean it is either being caused by a change you made to firefox or possibly in the system settings

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I set up psd to put profile in tmpfs, and turned off the disk cache… but I would expect things to be faster then if anything :sweat_smile: