Rift S on Steam, once and for all

I’m trying to get an Oculus Rift S working in SteamVR in Arch/EndeavourOS. Newest SteamVR version is 2.5.2 Beta, which I know because it’s the one that got my sh*t running again after another Windows/Meta update that made my VR setup start failing again.

But you never know, maybe this is the one that will make my Rift S thrive on Linux. Until now, I’ve had a minor success with Monado + Wayland/Plasma, getting the game on VR and controllable by gamepad.

Just checking in if someone has been toying around with this as well, and has some tips. I’m going all in this time.

Ryzen 5600
B550 Asus TUf
4x8 Gb Corsair single rank potato 3200 Mhz
256 Gb Samsung EVO
RX 5700XT
Oculus Rift S

Edit: I will post Info Center data when the system’s up to date.

Current goal:
Get Half-Life 2 VR mods working on EndeavourOS