Return from sleep causes shutdown

Weird one. Since I upgraded memory from 64GB to 128GB and switched from an Intel a380 dGPU to an Intel a770 dGPU - and did an OS update/upgrade - whenever I return from suspend, the computer shows the desktop then immediately shuts down.

The GUI drops to terminal and it goes, gracefully, into a proper shutdown.

This is quite frustrating - it’s worked properly for years.

Ryzen 5950X, Gigabyte x570 Aorus Master

Jul 07 01:28:42 dejah-thoris systemd-logind[1019]: Operation 'suspend' finished.
Jul 07 01:28:42 dejah-thoris systemd[1]: Stopped target Suspend.
Jul 07 01:28:43 dejah-thoris systemd-logind[1019]: The system will power off now!
Jul 07 01:28:43 dejah-thoris systemd-logind[1019]: System is powering down.

No indication in the log as to why, it just seems quite pleased and intent to shut down.

It behaves the same way if I do ‘systemctl sleep’ or select the suspend action button from the panel.

Any clues or ideas?



Given that you switched from an Intel A380 to an A770 GPU, ensure you have the correct and latest drivers installed. Mismatched or outdated drivers can cause suspend/resume issues.


The driver is the same one, and it’s in the kernel. There are no ‘drivers’ to install. That’s Windows/nVidia thinking - which is not relevant here. If you mean the acceleration libraries, (vaapi) those are installed.

If there is someone in the community with the knowledge to help me learn where to look or what to examine, I’d appreciate it. It’s clearly something to do with either a newly-induced bug related to my hardware upgrade, or it’s a configuration change that happened as a result of the software upgrade process. Or some mismatch in configuration as a result of my hardware change.

It’s very much like it suspends on the way to shutdown, then completes the shutdown once it wakes from suspend.