Resume Error on Boot - (Solved)

Hello All,
Well I have done it now! I went and installed a new (used) mobo/cup/ram I just got and installed it and now I get this error.

The hard drive is a Non-uefi install and nothing was changed other that the mobo all other drives and CD drive has not changed.

I can boot to the desktop from the “Fallback LTS” menu or the “Linux Fallback 5.X Menu”…
The fstab and blkid outputs are all correct…

Any thoughts? Questions??? Other than a install… :smiley:

Also I tried to remove the “resume=” line in the grub boot menu by hitting “E” to edit the entry… Still get the same error…

Does re-installing the kernel help?
sudo pacman -S linux

Or re-writing the grub.cfg?
sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

If you remove resume in grub, but theb he will say it cant find? Because resume is also set in mkinitcpio.conf.

Thank you for your reply…

Hello, I did try this before I went to bed thinking it was a grub issue. It did not make any difference… :frowning:

I have not tried this yet, but I will… :slight_smile:
All I did was replace the Mobo… Lol

Thank you for your relpy…

I just removed it in the Grub boot menu with the “E” command which was not permanent.
Like I said all I did was replace the Mobo… Lol
I will look at the conf… Thank you…

Hello @ringo, yes I have one of those files and it has the “Resume” in it… So what do I do with that?

if you remove resume and do mkinitcpio -P then your hibernation or suspend doesnt have anymore :slight_smile:

read side info :

or if you have stil a swap drive and tired of the uuid , and you know your swap drive , you can do instead of uuid , resume=/dev/sdaX

because if you remove resume, you cannot suspend or hibernate anymore… dont forget update-grub if you changed the resume , you can identify with lsblk -f uuid ,


Ok, I reinstalled the kernel as above and it now boots as it did before… Thanks you very much…
I was getting nowhere on my own.
Great Support as Always! Thanks!
Happy Holidays!

Thank you very much for the help!
I tried @manuel suggestion to re-install the kernel and that did fix whatever the issue was… :slight_smile:
I will print this one out and add it to my book of things to know… Lol

Great Support as Always! Thanks you!
Happy Holidays!

Too bad (for educational purposes) you didn’t try what @ringo suggested. I had a similar problem when I rebuilt my hardware and found that resume= in the /etc/default/grub file pointed to a UUID that no longer existed in the new system. When I fixed that, rebuilt grub, and rebooted, all was fine.

Yep! I know that was a something to try. I usually just go down the line of suggestions until something works… LOL
But I would have tried it if re-installing the kernel did not work… :slight_smile:

Well, that is what Linux is all about, Learning! Lol
Thanks for the reply an Happy Holidays!

Re-installing linux should also do mkinitcpio, so probably also simple mkinitcpio would have worked.

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I did see the mkinitcpio command go by as the kernel was being applied, I think it had a -g something…
Anyway it works and boots. Sadly enough the board is like the last Gigabyte Mobo I bought. The HDMI Audio does not work with Endeavours.
I had my test drive which has Peppermint 10 on it and the HDMI sound works, so I know that the audio works.
Same issue I had last month with my other Gigabyte Mobo that @ricklinux tried to help me fix but did not get it done.
I just reused a newer Video card that the HDMI Audio is see by the OS… Small price to pay for a 6 core AMD and 16 gig of ram I guess… :slight_smile: