[Resolved]Pamac currently blocked from the AUR

It seems that pamac has been temporarily blocked from the AUR. Please be aware of this if you are using pamac.

More information here and here.

If you don’t want to read those links, the short version is that pamac started sending so many requests to the AUR that it made the server unavailable. As a result, it was blocked. It has been suggested that this may have been caused by sending type-ahead suggestion requests to the AUR.

EDIT: This has now been resolved. Please update to 10.1.1.


I was wondering about the AUR because i was having difficulty connecting to it with a fresh Arch install and then a fresh EndeavourOS install. I finally managed to get pamac installed as well as spotify which were giving me trouble. At first yay wouldn’t even update as it tried to access the AUR and just sat there!

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Yes, the AUR was pretty much unavailable until they blocked pamac.


Does that mean that pamac will not work for the foreseeable future?

It means it won’t work with the AUR until they fix the issue and convince the team that manages the AUR to unblock it.

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I’m going to be very disappointed if this situation does not result in some top tier memes…


I noticed yesterday that update from pacman (-Syu) took a long time. I thought maybe it was just major update.

That is probably unrelated.

@dalto Thank you for the update. It explains my earlier adventures.

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will this affect other AUR helpers in any way?

Only if they use Pamac’s user agent string (which is doubtful). Read the linked issue on GitLab for more information.

LOL, so maybe never.

Too funny.

I guess I can turn off AUR support in Pamac for the time being :man_shrugging:

update to 10.1.1 to mitigate AUR issues in pamac, and it seems AUR is changed also to be able to take more traffic.

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What is the best way to install the newer version?

I have pamac-aur installed and that wasn’t showing the AUR yesterday but everything is fine now after an update came through.


sorry but we do not support pamac :yum:
I should be there already on most of the AUR builds:

[10:06:57] joekamprad :: Ungeheuer64  ➜  ~ » yay -Ss pamac
aur/pamac-all-git 10.1.1.r0.g59b0a95-1 (+2 0.02) 
    A Gtk3 frontend for libalpm (everything in one package - snap, flatpak, appindicator)
aur/archlinux-appstream-data-pamac 20210423-1 (+3 0.18) 
    Arch Linux application database for AppStream-based software centers (Fixed for pamac)
aur/pamac-zsh-completions 0.6-1 (+4 0.14) 
    ZSH completions for pamac
aur/pamac-cli 10.1.1-1 (+8 0.56) 
    Pamac cli frontend for libalpm
aur/pamac-tray-icon-plasma 0.1.3-1 (+9 2.45) 
    Pamac tray icon for plasma users
aur/pamac-all 10.1.1-1 (+10 1.48) 
    A Gtk3 frontend for libalpm (everything in one package - snap, flatpak, appindicator)
aur/pamac-classic 7.2.1-1 (+15 0.00) 
    A Gtk3 frontend for libalpm - classic version
aur/pamac-aur-git 10.1.1.r0.g59b0a95-1 (+20 0.02) 
    A Gtk3 frontend for libalpm - git version
aur/pamac-aur 10.1.1-1 (+325 7.54) 
    A Gtk3 frontend, Package Manager based on libalpm with AUR and Appstream support

Pamac 10.1.1 was released to fix this issue. So this morning, I upgraded:

  1. pamac-aur-git
  2. pamac-all
  3. pamac-all-git

Both pamac-all are a gift to me from the last maintainer.


Thanks again for keeping these alive! :+1:


I’m using pamac on a daily basis, so… :smiley: