Resolution changes when display switched off

I have a curious problem - I have a machine here with Wayland/Plasma installed. Its RTX 3070 Ti is plugged, via HDMI, into an LG 4K TV for display. The machine runs near enough 24/7 as it provides various services. The problem is that if the TV is switched off, when it is powered back on again, the login screen and desktop session are displayed at 1024x768. I can manually change things again and switching inputs does not cause this problem, but, again, if the TV is switched off, the resolution is changed to this low value. It’s actually low enough that navigating the 150% scaled UI is problematic (yes, the scaling value is retained from the 4K configuration at this low resolution).

I don’t see this for other EndeavourOS machines that are plugged into regular display panels - just this particular combination. I wondered if anyone else had seen something like this and had some ideas for how to prevent it, web searches haven’t given me much success.

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