Resizing and moving partitions through Gparted

Hi there,

Maybe I’m missing something important here, but the fact is that I am unable to resize and move some partitions through Gparted.

I am booting to a Live CD and using Gparted there. I need to give more space to my Windows 10 partition (/dev/sda6).

I can remove the necessary space from /dev/sda3, which is also my /home. But from now on I am unable to move and give the unnalocated space (removed from /dev/sda3) to /dev/sda6.

I am attaching a screenshot from Gparted, hoping someone can help me, please.

Thanks in advance.

If memory serves me right you can resize a partition to the right but not to the left.

What you are wanting to do unfortunately isn’t just an easy thing in your situation from what I see. You would need to remove partitions 4 and 5 in order to converge 3 to 6. This means you would really need to rearrange or redo the entire disk in order to obtain your objective.

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Thank you so much.

This is what I feared. :frowning:

In order to accomplish what I need now, it will take a lot of work.

Just make sure to start that work with a fresh backup of everything. Good Luck.

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Sure. :slight_smile: Thank you.


Don’t remove partitions 4 and 5 as was alluded to above.
Partition 4 seems to be your Windows’ ESP and removing it will render your Windows unbootable.

When you shrink sda3 and you will have some unallocated space, you would need to move sda4-6 to the left in order to get the unallocated space to the right of sda6.

Resizing and or moving around partitions involve a certain risk of data corruption/loss.
Make sure to backup your personal data from both Linux and Windows.
In the unfortunate event that anything goes wrong, the responsibility is yours and yours only :wink:


Ok, thank you. I’ll not remove them.

Great. I’ll try what you suggested.