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Heya, I just moved from Manjaro to EndevourOS, and I want to keep my old Manjaro Install “just in case” (Last time I switched OSes I forgot something, which still pisses me off big time). Manjaro is installed on an NVME drive, with a small EFI partition, a big /home one and a nested / inside home - don’t know why Manjaro does the install via Calamares this way, but it does. efi is FAT32 ofc, rest is EXT4. I want to keep the data, but want to resize home, wiothout losing data, so that I can use the empty space for other purposes - it’s like 1,5TB wasted space. Can I just run gparted, resize and be happy? I have a backup, but nevertheless am a bit scared…

I am not sure I understand that. Can you share lsblk -o name,fstype,type,label,size,mountpoint from the Manjaro install.

For sure:

lsblk -o name,fstype,type,label,size,mountpoint
nvme0n1            disk               1,8T 
├─nvme0n1p1 vfat   part              1000M 
└─nvme0n1p2 btrfs  part endeavouros   1,8T 
nvme1n1            disk               1,8T 
├─nvme1n1p1 vfat   part NO_LABEL      500M /boot/efi
├─nvme1n1p2 ext4   part home          1,7T /home
└─nvme1n1p3 ext4   part system      162,1G /

I dont understand that point. You are talking about nvme1n1 I assume.
lsblk shows that it has a separate root partition nvme1n1p3. What do you mean with “nested”?

Resizing the manjaro home ( nvme1n1p2 with 1,7 TB) will not be that easy. It has another partition before and after it. If you resize it, you will create a hole of empty space. You would then need to create a new partition in that empty space. I have never done this before but it should work.

But then, the manjaro root partition will become nvme1n1p4. This might effect the boot process of Manjaro in case you ever want to boot it again.

Well, with nested I meant exactly that - it is on p2 instead of p3, which would have made things way more easily. Can’t I just resize /home and then move / “to the left”, so to speak?

In a technical sense, nested means “Inside of” which is what I think is causing the confusion.

In this case, / isn’t inside of /home, it is in a neighboring partition.

I don’t see any issues here.

Why do you want to move / to the left? Why not leave it where it is? It is at the end of the logical disk so there shouldn’t be a need to move it.

Thanks for clarificcation, will need to be more precise in my wording.
Well, I want to move it to the right to have the manjaro stuff tucked together. Just a OCD thingy I guess :joy:
will it hurt, though? I guess not…

Moving partitions always incurs a small risk of data loss. Personally, I would not relocate a partition simply so it was next to a related partition.

I would simply shrink the home partition and add the new partition to the empty space you create.

Will follow your advice, Sir!

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