Reshift icon is blank in Xfce panel notifocation Area


i have fresh install EOS Xfce everything works fine but have a bit of icon issue with redshift.
its working fine and able to adjust color temperature but icon is not visible in notification area.
instead it shows only a blank.
if i right click it shows the properties.
i think its something to do with Xfce icons, but not sure.
app is showing in notification area setting panel.

any suggestions/workaround would be very helpful.
PFB snaps.


is pyhton-gobject installed ?

pacman -Qs python-gobject

I think you’ll just have to right click on the panel and go to properties and set a background color that is able to show the icon. I have this issue on Mate also and i set the background color to a grey and give it a little transparency and it’s good. Reason is because the icons in question are a light white color on Mate and they become invisible.

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changing background color to grey worked :smiley:

`[mj@mjx ~]$ pacman -Qs python-gobject

local/python-gobject 3.34.0-3
Python Bindings for GLib/GObject/GIO/GTK+`

thanks for suggestion, python-gobject is already installed and shared link is for different issue.
i believe its an issue related to icon image format of redshift.

as suggested by @ricklinux changing panel BG to dark color makes the redshift icon visible.

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