Repo's error while pacman -Syu

I just ran the command above and some packages won’t download because a repository (
A message raises saying: "Warning: too much errors from : transfer closed with “n” bytes remaining to read. (I put “n” because the error it’s about a couple packages, one closed with a number of bytes and the other one closed with another amount of bytes, that’s all)
What’s the problem?

Sounds like a problem with the mirror maybe try to rank your mirrors again and see if that helps.

Done. Now no errors raise but terminal says that there are no updates. It sounds strange to me being it canceled before…

Try sudo pacman -Syyu

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Could be the issue the mirror you were originally going for could have problems and since now its probably changed you have a newly updated mirror.

Updated the mirrorlist.
The result is the same.
Anyway, I hope anything is broken. We’ll see.
Thanks anyway!

But did you try this?:

How exactly was it canceled? Did you cancel the command, or did pacman cancel with a message (what was the message?)?

If pacman process finished, including package installation and pacman hooks running, then the process was successful. When one mirror is failing, pacman skips that and starts using the next in the mirrorlist.

You can get an idea of the package sync status, if you run

sudo pacman -Syyuu

If there is a message that some packages will be downgraded, stop the process. Then look at upstream Archlinux mirrors site, find servers that are properly synced, and insert one of them at the top of your arch mirrorlist. Repeat sync with:

sudo pacman -Syyu