Replace systemd boot with refind

I would like to replace the default systemd boot with refind preferably in a way that doesn’t go to much trouble. I currently am running Eos on dual boot with windows 10.

It’s easy enough to install and get started.

sudo pacman -S refind
sudo refind-install

More here:

I would get it set up and working before attempting to remove systemd boot (they do not conflict, no harm in having both installed while you get set up).

ok will try

I’ve done that how do I remove systemd boot now¿

Just curious, you did the two commands, restarted, booting through refind?
I wonder if you are on BTRFS, what options do you have for booting?

Gummiboot and 2 windows things

Before you remove systemd boot, make sure you are booting into your system successfully with the boot entry generated by refind-install. To be clear, you should not be seeing the systemd boot menu at all when using the rEFInd boot entry. If you are still booting to systemd boot first then you don’t have it set up right yet, and you will have to either re-do the refind-install to get a new boot entry or create a boot stanza manually.

If you are now booting with pure rEFInd you should be able to remove systemd boot with bootctl remove. You can also remove the /boot/loader directory if you wish.

Help refind was working I removed bootctl and now I can’t boot into endeavour os there’s no option to. After I removed bootctl I ran refind-install again to regenerate the os choices but Eos doesn’t appear just windows

Update: I chrooted into my system reinstalled gummiboot rebooted it took me staright to eos then i reinstalled refind now problem is fixed I just wanna have the endeavour os entry in refind tho cos it has 2 windows ones and a gummiboot one that gives me the choice over windows and endeavour but anyways

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