Replace bind-tools with extra/bind? [Y/n]

I’m fairly new to the Linux environment and especially the Arch, rolling update life. It’s been touch and go with learning as things come up but during my daily ‘sudo pacman -Syu’ I was prompted with the topic question immediately following the usual ‘Starting full system upgrade…’ message. Bind is a new topic for me and I had to look up what it even was but the fact that it was suddenly asking me for my input on the subject when it previously had not raised a red flag.

So, before I commit to a yes or no, risking a potential security compromise because I hadn’t done my due diligence, I come to ask for guidance.

Thanks in advance!


Hi and welcome!

It appears bind-tools has been replaced by bind from the extra repository. It should be safe to replace. It will want to remove the old bind-tools as it is now in conflict.

More information here:



Thank you kindly for the help and even more for the friendly welcome. I look forward to contributing to the community once I find my footing.


Welcome! :smile:

As you can see, it is time well spent to ask questions here. You’ll get well informed and friendly answers.
So, please don’t hesitate to ask. We think there are no stupid questions, and we know that everybody here has been in front of these and other similar questions at some point.

And we all are still learning. :wink:


I like that sentiment