Repeated crashes during system upgrade

HI all, I’m experiencing the maddening phenomenon of my system crashing/freezing during an upgrade (i.e., following pacman -Syu). Sometimes when I reboot (i’m on a dual boot machine), EndeavourOS doesn’t show up in the OS list. (Usually it has Endeavour, back-up, and Win 11). Thankfully, booting from the Live CD and then chroot-ing into the system and running pacman usually works. But not always. Any suggestions appreciated.

Are you using the proprietary nvidia drivers? I know there was recently an issue with that driver causing a hard crash during updates.

I’m using NVIDIA driver Version 555.58.02-2 with the 6.9.8-arch1-1 kernel. But this has been going on for a few months. I noticed running lspci -v | grep nvidia that kernel driver in use is nvidia but that kernel modules loaded are nouveau, nvidia_drm, nvidia. I wonder if I need to blacklist nouveau (or is that no longer an isssue…was an issue for about a decade, not sure if still the case.)

The issues started with driver 550. More information here: Nvidia 550 drivers causing hard crashing during updates

Some have suggesting creating /etc/systemd/do-not-udevadm-trigger-on-update as a workaround to help mitigate the issue during updates.

Are you using grub or systemd-boot?

I think I installed it with systemd-boot. My /boot directory contains only amd-ucode.img. Then under /efi I have some 32 character-named directory, EFI and loader.

It would be best if you could post the full output of your hardware. Post the url

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

Right…here you go: Thanks!

Looks like there is a Bios update for Slim 7 ProX 14ARH7 dated for 2024. All looks good. It’s rendering on the amdgpu. Not sure why you are having update issues causing it to crash. You may need to post the full output of an update.

Crashed again just now, fortunately AFTER the upgrade was complete. What’s the most useful info to post as far as logs go (dmesg, journalctl, etc)?

Did you try updating the UEFI bios?

Not yet, will give that a shot and revert…thanks