Repair grub or getting experienced

Short story from today afternoon - but no problem:
One of my kids came to me and said that one of the laptops suddenly shows an error message at startup to EOS.
I remembered that I made the update to the latest windows version 2004 on this laptop this morning.
Next thing I grabbed my EOS USB stick and went to see the laptop.
Error message was grub not finding a hard disk.
Using the USB stick I started EOS live system and then followed the two brilliant howtos (Repair GRUB EFI/UEFI system and HOWTO - GPT/UEFI install with full disk encryption, second because of a encrypted /root and /home) to fix that problem within 5 minutes.
Kid was really happy to get its laptop back working that fast.

I am happy about my experience but really annoyed by that windows update. That last times I updated this or other laptops with a double boot Linux/windows I never had those problems.


This is the best part if kid really wanted to start EOS!


All my family is using EOS as their daily driver! :star_struck:


@Bryanpwo do we have a badge ‘EOS family of the month’?