Renaming eth interfaces using IP

I’m using 2 network interfaces, one for OS and second for VM.
By default the interfaces have names “enp2s0” and “enp3s0”.

I ran following commands to rename the interfaces:

ip link set enp2s0 down
ip link set enp2s0 name ethlnx
ip link set ethlnx up


ip link set enp3s0 down
ip link set enp3s0 name ethvirt
ip link set ethvirt up

Everything went smoothly and was working as intended until reboot, which changed the names back to default. After some searching i found that for the changes to be permanent i need to change /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg_enp2s0 and the other one to the new name (both the filename and in content). My issue is that there is no such folder as /etc/sysconfig on the whole computer.

Am I overlooking something, looking somewhere different or is there some other way how to make the name-change permanent?

I think that it is not here on Arch-based distros. Look at this tutorial:

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Here is how you change the interface name on Arch:

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Thanks, i actually managed to overlook the whole wiki for this one. :blush:

Names are now permanently changed.

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