Removing pipewire

I finally got fed up with pipewire and went back to pulseaudio. A week ago I replaced KDE/Plasma on my destop with Openbox to match what I have on a Lenovo laptop. I’m neither a gamer nor power user. Other than pipewire sound issues and my refusal to install most of the KDE packages in the repositories just to get KDEConnect, I’m happy with the change.

Pipewire turned out to be a greater pain than missing KDEConnect. To listen a movie on YouTubeTV I had to turn up the volume to 80-90% and then if I forgot to lower it when finished and a Twitter video played, it would wake up the whole neighborhood and shake the house. After trying all the suggestions in this thread with no satisfactory results, I went back to pulseaudio. Aah, everything plays at such a nice even level across apps!


  • pipewire-pluse (no problem)
  • pipewire-alsa (no problem)
  • gst-plugin-pipewire (no problem)

Did not remove the following three packages because they were so interwoven and convoluted that I could not figure out the “breaks dependency” map.

  • pipewire
  • pipewire-jack
  • pipewire-media-session


  • pulseaudia
  • pulseaudio-alsa
  • pulseaudio-equalizer
  • pulseaudio-jack


  1. How can I safely remove pipewire, pipewire-jack and pipewire-media-session?
  2. Should I just leave them and move on?
  3. Should I reinstall Openbox leaving out all the pipewire stuff?

to remove

you need to install jack2

should be able to be removed then, but

is actually required by several other packages, so you will most likely not be able to remove that one.

You can check the “Required By”-section of pacman -Qi pipewire


@BS86 installing jack2 actually permitted me to uninstall both pipewire-media-session and pipewire.

Thanks for this bit of advice.


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