Remove unused group assignments for KDE user


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sys log network floppy scanner power adm wheel audio lp optical storage video users rfkill vboxusers no-internet realtime veracrypt user

can I safely remove these group assignments for my KDE user?

floppy scanner log adm optical network storage

Yes, you can remove those.

My user only has sys, wheel and my user group.

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These are the groups I am in (I don’t use the wheel group):


On the computers where I use VirtualBox:

vboxusers staggerlee

I have just re-added my user back to the “log” group because of ksystemlog :wink:

You can, but there is a reason they are added (I suppose the devs added them?).
Some of them are adding convenience (not requiring sudo for features like mount/write external storage, viewing system logs, etc).
Others are of the same kind, although added for future possible needs, like using specific old applications that use such groups to provide security or other features to normal users.

Apart from the feeling that your system/account is clean, what can be the benefit of removing those, especially when you don’t know how to administer your system like an expert (as most of us were in the beginning of our Linux experience)?