Remove the Turkish Telegram channel from the community tab

Currently there are four Telegram channels. English, Spanish, Dutch and Turkish. The link to the Turkish Telegram channel is not moderated and includes a picture of Rick Astley and nothing more.


I advice to remove to link to the Turkish Channel since it is of no use. It is also unprofessional and gives of an bad image to Turkish users. Or the Channel would have to remove the “rick roll” to be able to be used as an actual communication platform.

The rick roll has been there for over a month now.


Thank you for letting us know. The channel was run by a community member, so we had no idea about this.


Maybe Rick Astley uses :enos: ?


curl -L | bash

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Before I close this thread, could you also remove the link on ? It’s not on the tab anymore but still kinda unnecessary.

Sure, I forgot about that one.

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