Remove pacman guy from terminal?

Hey guys, Im new to EndeavourOS and mostly im liking it as i was wanting something a bit closer to plain Arch than Manjaro was and after many years with Ubuntu. My only complaint so far is this little guy


I prefer my terminal a bit more plain and while the little pacman thing is cute it bothers me a lot. Ive never been one to customize my Terminal more than adding a slight transparency to it so if anyone knows how i can change/remove this little guy id really appreciate it

That actually is functionality that is built into the base pacman.

If you want to remove it, edit /etc/pacman.conf and remove or comment out

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Perfect! Thank you

Glad this was an easy solve :smile:

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I don’t know if this interests you, but there are a couple of other things in there that can be changed. Only problem is I can’t remember how it came initially! Anyway, color can be commented out, and will lose the highlights (bold) too if you want. And Total Downloads will show the percentage of the whole update that is done, not on a per file basis, if uncommented.

I love the choices built in to nearly everything :grinning:


I mostly dont customize my system that much. I use a material theme, hack font, and colors/background I like and it stays that way mostly forever. Thanks for the heads up though

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You’re welcome. I am mostly the same about changes - but in my case it doesn’t kick in until I have things ‘right’. That’s how I ended up with XFCE on all 5 of my current distros on this system! :grin:

As long as your system does what you want it to do…


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