Remove ghost brltty PID from memory? qemu-full dependecies break my shutdown time

Hi folks, wow Arch linux is powerful but soft touching it and you if he doesn’t want to be touched at certain points… :lady_beetle:

This is very mistery for me, how it possible some app running as ghost into kernel… I don’t know!

I get qemu-full installed and later removed, qemu-full dependencies required qemu-chardev-baum
as well brltty too, but brltty get timeout on power off or restart system and I removed all to hope brltty not load anymore… :egg:

This isn’t really true and now I see brltty on htop, and no binary files here! :window:

I read some about brltty and think is called from envirioment variable because htop show brltty -E but on my env nothing is found, also no systemd service is present (of course) and no brltty word is found in my /etc.

So what damn thing trigger brltty ghosting my system? This is a good question for newbie too… :smiley:
You are welcome for any advice for seek and destroy this bug :heart:

After removing it, you need to rebuild the initrds. Run sudo dracut-rebuild and reboot.

It will still get you on more time on that reboot but should be gone after that.

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Thank you so much for hint, this solve the issue and brltty is finally gone lol.
You are a god of linux mate! Linux operating system this days is more complex than I think and dracut functions is mostly unknown by average users, so indeed I need to re:racing_car: member this command for future, again thank you! :racing_car: :racing_car: :raci:racing_car: :racing_car: :racing_car: :racing_car: :racing_car: @discobot fortune

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:crystal_ball: Yes

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