Remove Cheese

Whoever decided that a POS app that doesn’t even work on tons of machines and has nothing to do with anything else (despite guvcview and other webcam software working fine) being a prerequisite for gnome-control-center should be fired. This has existed for years and remains. Black screen that shouldn’t bother me, but it does. Any thoughts on deleting the app, deleting the line in the app list ot just maybe making Cheese work would be great.

cheese is a dependency for this 3 packages:

Required By (3)

so uninstalling will remove them too.
Nothing we can do on that downstream.


Maybe someone should pay them first… :rofl:


Under is the List of members in the Gnome group Nobody forces 4) cheese to be install its not a hard dep till its install

: There are 66 members in group gnome:
:: Repository testing
   1) gnome-keyring  2) networkmanager
:: Repository extra
   3) baobab  4) cheese  5) eog  6) epiphany  7) evince  8) file-roller  9) gdm
   10) gedit  11) gnome-backgrounds  12) gnome-books  13) gnome-calculator
   14) gnome-calendar  15) gnome-characters  16) gnome-clocks
   17) gnome-color-manager  18) gnome-contacts  19) gnome-control-center
   20) gnome-disk-utility  21) gnome-documents  22) gnome-font-viewer
   23) gnome-getting-started-docs  24) gnome-logs  25) gnome-maps
   26) gnome-menus  27) gnome-music  28) gnome-photos  29) gnome-remote-desktop
   30) gnome-screenshot  31) gnome-session  32) gnome-settings-daemon
   33) gnome-shell  34) gnome-shell-extensions  35) gnome-software
   36) gnome-system-monitor  37) gnome-terminal  38) gnome-themes-extra
   39) gnome-user-docs  40) gnome-user-share  41) gnome-video-effects
   42) gnome-weather  43) grilo-plugins  44) gvfs  45) gvfs-afc  46) gvfs-goa
   47) gvfs-google  48) gvfs-gphoto2  49) gvfs-mtp  50) gvfs-nfs  51) gvfs-smb
   52) mutter  53) nautilus  54) orca  55) rygel  56) sushi  57) totem
   58) tracker  59) tracker-miners  60) tracker3  61) tracker3-miners  62) vino
   63) xdg-user-dirs-gtk  64) yelp
:: Repository community
   65) gnome-boxes  66) simple-scan

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Clearly not very important compared to other dependencies there(though there are more that are only dependencies to keep people from removing them for the bloat that they are) since it just has to be there and not work. I get Ubuntu doing that stuff, but I can’t believe the Budgie team wouldn’t compile without some of that.

It isn’t the budgie team. It is a packaging decision by the Arch packager for gnome.

Just to be clear, I am not criticizing. I am sure there is a reason that decision was made.

It is a required dependency of gnome-control-center.


Fair enough, but I’ll be damned if I can think of the reason. Sloppy shared code that someone (not the Arch team or even Budgie) is too lazy to clean up is the only reason I can see.

We have had this before you know It never gets installed when i build gnome.

The devs that make distros are to blame and its simple they just install meta package nothing more why do you think tweak-tool is not installed on most Gnome distros no Love that is why.

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we are not even a GNOME Distro :yum:


I know EndeavourOS devs do care that the Desktops are functional I’m actually using the desktop but soon my trial with EndeavourOS is over I trial OSs for 3 months to see how they fare. I may even keep it along side my pride and joy Arch Linux.


This is my pride & joy! :crying_cat_face: I use it for longer than 3 months. :wink:


I used Elementary for 2 years and just used my spar machine and VMs to “hop.” Seriously, LOL.

I used my pride and joy arch for over 15 years + 1 install beat that and then try and say Arch is not stable. Lol

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I’m just having a litlle fun. Pride & Joy!

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I live in North Texas and have been playing guitar for almost 40 years. You can guess how much I love SRV. Plus, I’ve been on some combination of PC MS-DOS/Windows since PC DOS 3.2. Ouch!

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Rid myself of my Cheese issue. Well, I cheated and reinstalled Endeavour with Cinnamon. I have to admit it’s pretty perfect especially given my existing propensity for a Windows looking OS. Same issue I mentioned in another thread that I can’t close my laptop with all of my other monitors on and not make the system unusably slow. I sure wish I knew what the Elementary OS team did to make that work OK, but screw it. Laptop stays open even in desktop mode I guess.