Remove app link from KDE plasma menu

Sorry, i could have written wrong topic title, because i don’t know what are the right term for linux start menu and stuff.

I have downloaded tor browser fr the official website (tor-browser-linux64-10.5a1_en-US.tar.xz) to my “/Download” folder and extracted it using “Ark” to extract the content.
I thought i can add tor browser manually to the menu, so that don’t have to type the long name. Added, but not working, (later i saw the instruct on tor help page to register tor to system and manage to achieve it ) hence i need to remove it… but don’t know how. I don’t want to uninstall it, just rto remove the " shortcut/ link" of tor .

I don’t know what keyword to type in google to search for it…


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Right click on the launcher/menu button and select “Edit Applications”.

From there you should be able to delete it.