Reinstalling Windows on Linux?

Hi all,

So recently I swapped from HDD to SSD on my windows desktop, so now I have a free windows installation media USB and I’d like to maybe put windows back on my laptop now that it runs better. But I want to keep linux. Can somebody give me a step-by-step on this?

Note: I also need a good way to resize my root partition for windows

Hopefully I understand you here so that I and others may be able to help.

You have a HDD drive that you pulled from your current machine and replaced it with an SSD.
The HDD contains Windows which you wish to put on the SDD which already has EndeavourOS installed.

do you mean you have an install disk that is a USB in which to install a new Windows or are you wanting to take the existing Windows (HDD) and move it to the new SDD?

Should be able to use what is offered in the Live Disk. I think its KDE Partition Manager or something similar.

The HDD and SSD situation for the desktop is irrelevant for the most part sorry for confusing you. I need to resize root partition, add partition for windows, and install windows to that partition. Then I need to find a way to use windows and linux on the same drive.

Could you post the output of

sudo parted -l 

so we can have some idea about your setup?

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Probably no help, but this sounds like a job for virtualbox. On my system eos, and windows share the documents folder, so it works out well enough. I can run Autodesk Inventor on Linux :sunglasses:

Thanks for the help guys, but I just learned that my laptop apparently doesn’t meet windows 11 system requirements anyhow. Sorry about that.

possible to overcome the issue with not fulfilling windows hardware recommendations… but installing windows after Linux is never a safe path.

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There are some ways to trick the installer if you really badly want Windows on the bare metal.

Well unless there’s a way to bypass the installer, I wouldn’t be unwilling to try it

Its always best practice to install Windows before Linux. As @joekamprad points out doing so after generally is not a good idea. This is do to fact that it generally causes issues down the road especially after a windows update.

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