Regarding compatibility of Cinnamon Desktop environment with Endeavour os

I have been a long time user of Endeavour Os xfce. I want to switch to Cinnamon Desktop Environment, I just wanted to ask if there are any known issues or problems with cinnamon on Endeavour Os. I am asking this because Cinnamon is meant for and fully integrated with Linux Mint. Are there any issues other users experience? Any suggestions are welcome.

Should just work. If something doesn’t work check out the arch wiki.


I used Cinnamon with EndeavourOS for a while, before changing to KDE Plasma. I have never found any problems in using it, nor any functional difference with Cinnamon when used with Linux Mint. (I used Linux Mint for a while, before starting to hop again from a Linux distribution to another one.)

It is true that Cinnamon is developed by the Linux Mint team, but that does not mean it cannot work on other distributions.
Apart from Arch Linux, EndeavourOS, Manjaro, and Linux Mint, there are at least 14 distributions that adopted Cinnamon.


It works great. The only thing to watch for is that at times like now, new versions of Cinnamon are released in Arch before the next version of Linux Mint is released, so there can be a few bugs for a couple of weeks or so. Essentially Arch users are beta testers for Cinnamon. These bugs have always been relatively minor, and provided they are reported at are usually fixed quickly.

The Linux Mint themes are in the AUR if you want them. By default, Cinnamon in EndeavourOS comes with the Arc theme (patched so that the font is more readable). There is a matching Arc theme in Kvantum, and if you set “QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=kvantum” in /etc/environment, you get a nice consistent theme across GTK, QT5 and Qt6 apps.


the only thing i remember is this nissue with welcome app:
But i do not see this on my current installs… (2)

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I’ve not seen it either - it has vanished :dotted_line_face:

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I came to EndeavourOS from Linux Mint so, naturally, I initially used Cinnamon as my desktop of choice. While there are some Mint specific tools (that are more about the Ubuntu core) that aren’t part of EndeavourOS, the experience with Cinnamon on Endeavour was excellent and EndeavourOS has their own tools appropriate to their OS.

These days, I have switched over to Gnome but Cinnamon remains an excellent choice.


Hi! Running a fresh install with cinnamon. It’s running smooth for the most part. Problem is I can’t seem to change themes, colors and/or highlights. Stuck on the default blue, Arc, and Adwaita. Can’t even change my pointer. Not enough of a problem for me but just thought others should know should they consider cinnamon.

There is a setting to use “advanced theming”. Maybe you are using the “basic” theming option and that is why you can’t really change anything. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

Also, I noticed that if the theme you have installed isn’t pre-built for Cinnamon, not ENOS, the new update (like accents and such) don’t really apply.

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As long as you are doing a clean install there should be no issues. If you are mixing desktops i suggest you don’t! I use Cinnamon on one of my laptops and it’s great.

Tried that, but thank you! Actually posted a topic regarding this, with pictures (instead of screenshots because apparently I can’t do that now for some reason :sweat: